Desir - A belgian tripel inspired by La Fin Du Mond

Ok so this is one of our favorite beers.   It is an excellent version of la fin du mond, but make no mistake it does not adhere strictly to BJCP styles.  So don't think this will be a huge award winner,  just a big crowd pleaser.  To make it an award winner I would suggest upping the coriander, ginger, black pepper, and orange peel, and choosing a yeast that attenuates out more.    It lacks some of the ester punch of the worlds great tripels so you might consider fermenting this at room temperatures.  And baby sit your fermentation, rouse it daily until the end of high krausen.  If it is possible to have created an easy drinking tripel... we did.

Desir - a Belgian tripel inspired by La Fin du Mond

5.5 Gallon
1.077  OG
1.020  FG
26       IBUs
8.6 %  ABV
6         SRM

9.0 #  Pilsner - Belgian
2.0 #  Pale Wheat
2.0 #  Honey
0.5 #  Aromatic
0.5 #  Biscuit
0.4 #  Acidulated Malt

Step Mash
113 F for 15 Minutes
132 F for 20 Minutes
148 F for 30 Minutes
156 F for 30 Minutes to 45 Minutes (check gravity)
168 F for 10 Minutes

2.0  Willamette at 60 minutes
1.5  Styrian Golding at  25 minutes

1 tspn yeast nutrient at 10 minutes
1 tspn irish moss at 10 minutes
1 ounce corriander at 10 minutess
2 ounces of  orange peel at 10 minutes

Wyeast Belgian Ale yeast 1388 Make an appropriate starter.    Ferment at room temperatures, you want the yeast to kick off some Belgiany esters...

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