Monday, July 6, 2015

Brewing Sunday... Honey Brown and All Cascade Pale Ale

Well I really feel the need to brew this weekend. After last weekend was such a demonstrable failure.  So I've been craving honey brown recently. Thinking Ill make a small batch, 1 gallon.  I also might make a 1 gallon Plinian Legacy kit I have laying around.  My one gallon fermenter is available now that I have packaged my partigyle Cascadian IPA (fantastic by the way).

I love honey brown ale, Dundee's was my gateway beer.  In 1990 if you were drinking Dundee's you were really out there as a craft beer nerd.  By the way this is also the time period when I tried my first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which was life changing, and my first Gennessee Cream Ale, also a crystalline moment.  I know a lot of home brewers don't like the sweeter beers.  The rage in home brewing seems to be gigantic IPAs right now... and barrel aged... and sours... and continuously hopped chocolate Bierre de Garrde... but seriously guys what about good ol beer?  

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