Monday, May 25, 2015

A small batch No Sparge BIAB for your viewing pleasure# F

So yesterday I decided I needed some more Cream Ale.  It is one of my favorites when I get it right and it is terrible when I blow it.  I usually brew this style extract or partial mash.  I like the safety net provided by the malt extract.  But on Friday, when I sourced my ingredients, I got a wild hair and decided to try a no sparge BIAB.    Here was the recipe for 3.5 gallons of Cream Ale
3.5 gallon batch
5# 2 row
.5# Flaked Corn
.25# Cane Sugar which I add at High Krausen
.4#  Honey Malt
.25 Flaked Oats
.5 oz cluster for bittering
.5 liberty for flavor and aroma

Now that I look at it again, that's a lot going on. Well see how it turns out.   Below is the brew day.


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