Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mr. Beer Fermenter... Garage Sale Gold.

Image result for Mr. BeerThere are 6, count them 6 females who live in my home.  Fridge space is a premium.  Which means, for the most part lagering is not realistic for me.   There are already two refrigerators in the garage.  One is for food, the other is the fermentation chamber.   So when i found a Mr. Beer kit at a garage sale for $10, it was an obvious choice.

I'm not a Mr. Beer fan.  Truthfully, my opinions have been shaped by your opinions about the product.   I have never used it. I have tasted the beer one time, it was OK.  But I have heard that the equipment is excellent.   So, Why not give it a try.  The keg is 2.25  gallons, and they fit very easily in to a normal refrigerator.   I think that I will look for another one soon so that I can do small batch Partial Mash and BIAB lagers.  I also think these would be great for super high gravity small batch (barley wine, RIS, phat ass blonde).   I'm also thinking that small batches will allow me to afford brewing more often.  Doing some quick math a 2 gallon batch of lager will cost me about $15 to brew, and that is if I use new yeast...

I'm wondering if any of you have experience with the Mr. Beer fermenter? If you do leave me a comment and let me know what that experience was.

Image result for Mr. BeerMr. Beer sells just the fermenters on their website for $10.  I may buy 2 more.  Who knows this could be my new counterbrew obsession.  Brewing more often, brewing small batches, trying more beer... sounds fun.   And I know the Cajun Injector could easily rock out a 2 gallon batch of this BIAB style with no Sparge...

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