Monday, March 30, 2015

An Electric Turkey Fryer... dang near my dream rig.

Very excited that my brew partner just used a sales bonus to get us a 30 quart electric turkey fryer.   These things are awesome, and cost way less than a fancy E BIAB system.

There is only one problem with them.   They only have a 1650 Watt heating element.  They take a long time to heat up and struggle to create a rolling boil.   But I remember a professor in college proving to us that if the kettle was well insulated enough... a single candle could bring a gallon of water to a boil.

So we are thinking we are going to fill the void between the wall of the fryer and the pot with either high temperature mineral wool or 1 part Portland cement, and 5 parts per lite.  That should make this thing rock and roll.  Haven't completed the calculations yet.  But the bottom line is the unit can boil water right now, and with some basic modifications a rolling boil should be easily achieved.   This thing should be a beast for extract and partial mash as well.  update:  no insulation needed, the thing worked like a charm.   It's a beast for BIAB, Partial Mash, and extract. 

The slow heating is actually good for the mash, we'll start doughing in at about 130 and set the temp to 150.  That should be the equivalent of a brief protein rest, and should really help with lighter beers where we want perfect clarity.

This idea was inspired by this youtube video.

The guy who made the video, Karl,  owns homebrew depot in Wasau WI.   if you live in the area patronize this guy.  He is loaded with common sense about home brewing.   Just go there and ask for Karl.  He'll set you straight.

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