Thursday, April 2, 2015

The electric turkey fryer came...

My Brew Partner just received the Cajun Injector Electric Turkey Fryer.  7.5 Gallon Capacity.  It only has a 1650 Watt heating element which will produce roughly 5600 BTUs of heat.  So once it's boiling it should be fine.  It will certainly produce more BTUs than we are losing.  But we may need to add a 1300 watt immersion heater to get to a boil quickly.  That would take us to around 10000 BTUs.  It takes about 7200 BTUs to boil 6.5 gallons in an hour.  So we should reach boil from 170 (mash out) in under 30 minutes.  I can live with that.  We may also insulate the side walls.  Either way, it is a counter top BIAB system capable of 5 gallon batches, and easily capable of full volume partial mash and extract.

update:  the turkey fryer was awesome for Partial Mash.  It should be just as great for Partial Mash and Extract.   Im Sold

Let the awesome brewing begin.  Our focus will be on accessible American Style Ales, and Pale Ales.  For the Fall we will brew some festbier, and some porters.

Can't wait to try this thing out.

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