Thursday, August 27, 2015

A little overwhelmed... thank you all...

So I set out to write this blog for my self, as much as for all those of you who love home brewing.  I for one am sick of the "tommy know it alls", and the "mikey moneybags" guys who I think are hurting our hobby.   My point was and is, that you don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your home brew equipment.   My other point was you can brew good beer, even great beer in your kitchen with pots and pans you already own.   My third point was there is a lot of bad information floating around the interwebs.  I read a post this morning where someone described how not boiling for at least 90 minutes creates DMS.   You already know my stance on that...

I never thought that my first rant would generate such an amazing response as of the writing of this nearly 20K of you have come to the blog.   Your responses have been overwhelmingly positive.   So thank you.

I pledge to keep telling the truth, to try to educate, try to share a laugh, and to keep on brewing.  And I here by officially pledge to keep brewing kick ass beer, and posting about it on this blog.

Up coming blogs...include in no specific order...

  • a Cheap all grain system... for 5 gallon batches. getting into all grain for under $200
  • How yeast actually does its' voodoo.
  • Partial Mash in electric turkey fryer... a pictorial and video of how I actually brew 5 gallon batches.
  • 2 gallon all grain, on the stove top.  part of my YOU CAN BREW ALL GRAIN series.  (using your old Mr. Beer Fermenter) Ill brew a Bells two hearted ale clone, and a standard lager.  
  • A Rant about "tommy know it alls"  I have been collecting quotes from guys who know everything.  
  • clarifying beer with out cold crashing.  I almost never cold crash... (gelatin doesn't care)

What else do you all want to hear about, or what do you want me to brew...?   send me a comment.

PS if you're in KC and you want to come brew with me and be on the blog... let me know.  I live in south JoCo suburbia...

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