Friday, August 14, 2015

Upcoming Brews... Ommegang Hennepin Clone and a American Lite Ale...

After that I have to try Schlenkerla's Miller Lite Clone.  I love lite crisp balanced beers.   (heck lets be honest I like almost all beers) And I find that I don't really want to share my AIPAs and Cream Ales, West Coast Hop Monsters, and Brown Ales with people who don't really appreciate them.  I have used Wyeast 2112 for years to make a basic Champagne Lager.  My Champagne Lager is a beer that almost all muggles can appreciate.  I'm sure I will continue to make it.   But it isnt fool proof.   It requires loads of oxygenation, like 30 minutes with an aquarium pump.  If you don't get the oxygenation correct.  You end up with sweet beer.  Literally sweet.  This beer looks a little more fool proof.  He adds Amylase Enzyme to 2ndary to break up sugars again, and let the yeast go crazy.  The result...a super lite crisp American "Lager" that is actually an ale.   Read the thread on Homebrewtalk.  Very cool stuff.  I may actually try Amylase Enzyme the next time I make my champagne lager.  

I love farmhouse saison.  Tank 7 by Boulevard and Hennepin by Ommegang are two of my favorites.   So when one of my local home brew stores had an Ommegang Henny clone... all grain 1 gallon, well I just had to get it.   WARNING pre made kits for 1 gallon batches are not a bargain.  You are paying a premium for the kit, it would cost way less to just buy the grains, hops, and yeast.  But you pay extra for the testing and trials that went into the brew.  In this case the brew was designed by a guy who has over 100 AHA contest wins.   A guy who has been brewing for over 40 years (since before it was legal).  A guy who has 3 NHC winners in his past.   So... paying a premium for his recipe and kit seemed like a fair bargain.   The kit cost me $20.00.  A 1 gallon batch usually costs me less than $15.   I'll be brewing it up this weekend.  

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