Friday, April 10, 2015

Ok I said never again. But...

I tasted a raspberry wheat beer last night.  I forced a 1 liter in a sanitized coke bottle (PET).

I know I said never again, but Wow.  This may be the best raspberry wheat beer I have ever tried.   And I made it.   In my kitchen.

So the old adage, "never say never"  holds true.   Because this morning I find my self already planning my next raspberry wheat beer.   But I think Ill make some changes.    I'm going to try both extract and (fresh puree).

Easy Texas Two Step Raspberry Wheat Beer: Extract with Grains with Raspberry Extract.
(a raspberry wheat you can make in your kitchen or counter top)

1 lbs  Flaked Wheat
1 lbs  Honey Malt
3.3 lbs Liquid Malt Extract Preferably Wheat  I like Briess
2  lbs Dry Malt Extract Wheat
1 oz Cluster hops (7 AAU) at 30
1 oz Hersbrucker (4 AAU) at 5 Minutes
1 satchel of Fermentis US-05
1 tsp of yeast nutrient

  • Steep Grains at around 155-158 for 30 Minutes in 1 Gallon of Water
  • Rinse Grains with .5 Gallon of Water.
  • Add Dry Malt Extract with heat off and stir to mix it all in to the wort
  • Separate the Wort into two 4 Gallon or larger pots
  • Add Near Boiling Water to bring boil up to 6 Gallons
  • Bring both pots to a boil
  • with 30 minutes left add Cluster Hops in a bag
  • with 5 minutes left add Hersbrucker Hops in a bag
  • with 4.9 minutes left add the Liquid Malt Extract (heat off ) stir in, heat back on.
  • with 4.9 minutes left add yeast nutrient.
  • At the end of boil you should have around 5 gallons of wort.
  • Chill wort (or don't chill, you can just put the lid on at flame out, let it cool for an hour or two, wrap the top of the pot, where the lid sits with plastic wrap and let it cool slowly, when I do this I let it sit all night.) 
  • Pitch entire satchel of US-05
  • Ferment at 65-68F 14 days in Primary
  • Right before you transfer to 2ndary, Create a raspberry puree of 3 lbs of frozen raspberries. 
    • Add to pot, bring to 160 F for 10 Minutes
    • Mash with a potato masher.
    • Run through a fine sieve with cheese cloth. to remove all seeds and skins
  • Rack beer onto Puree. 
    • A slight new fermentation will start. leave it alone for 2 weeks.
  • On bottling day add bottling sugar and 1-2 oz of Raspberry Extract to bottling Bucket.  The amount will depend on the flavor provided by the puree.   So taste it and decide.   The extract has better aroma, the puree better flavor. 
  • Condition for 1 Week, or longer it gets better with age. 
This will work for any fruit wheat beer.  Try it with apricot...yum

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