Thursday, April 9, 2015

Real Fruit in a Wheat beer... Never again!

So Tuesday Night I bottled a Raspberry Wheat beer.   For the first time ever I used Frozen Raspberries.   I had become convinced, like many of you, that real fruit was the key to explosive flavor.   I pasteurized my frozen fruit and added them to secondary, then racked the beer on top of them.   It was a 3.5 gallon batch that I made on my stove top.  

Never again.  Even with bagging the fruit, I have never had that much Trub.   I managed to bottle 2.5 gallons of cloudy, all be it delicious, raz wheat.

From now on it is extract for me, or creating my own extract by completely mashing down the fruit and straining out all solids.   Should be a tasty brew but there is a good chance I'm the only one who will drink it.

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