Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Safale US 05 ... always a slow start, always good finish

US05  the workhorse of the home brew world.  You can make darn near any clean ale with the stuff.   I use it a lot.   I wash it, I use it again.  The washed yeasts are always great starters, and great clean finishers.  But every time I pitch a new sachet, even if i re hydrate, it takes 24 hours to really get going.  

Hey, I'm not complaining, the chico strain is great, but I think it is important to put it out there.  Dry US05 is a slow starter.  So there is your public service announcement for the morning.  
Risen APA 16 hours after pitch. 5.5 G in a 7.5 Glass Carboy
Risen APA 28 hours after pitch.

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