Friday, June 19, 2015

Mr. Beer Fermenters... UPDATE

There is nothing wrong with Mr. Beer.  It is the way many of you got introduced to brewing.  I'll say that I'm confident the ingredients have improved too since Coopers purchased Mr. Beer.   Having said that, I have never brewed a Mr. Beer kit.  But I own one of there fermenters, and I use it.  The equipment they make is great. And it fits perfectly with my philosophy... brew in your kitchen...brew a lot... keep things simple... focus on process and sanitation.

So apparently there are 4 Mr. Beer fermenters at a local thrift shop... I'm heading out now.   Ill keep you updated but in general.  If I can switch my all grain batches to 2.25 gallons.  I can no sparge BIAB and I can easily cold crash and lager any of my batches.   Further I'll eliminate the head space created by a 3.5 gallon batch in a 5 gallon better bottle.   The head space can promote film yeast, which although harmless is gross.   That will mean all 4 of my better bottles are available for partial mash and extract batches of beer. And Ill have 5 Mr. Beer fermenters for 2.25 gallon all grain batches, which Ill say my ghetto turkey fryer will easily handle.   I also suspect 2.25 gallon batches are a better size for me to brew... I brew almost every weekend. And currently have 84 12 oz bottles and 18.5 gallons awaiting bottling.   That's 281 12 oz beers...   Yeah...well...uh... that's a whole lot of beer... maybe too much?

But at 2.25 gallons per shot I'm only brewing about 9 gallons a month. That is only 96 beers... even with my help yourself open garage policy... my neighbors and friends don't even drink that much...

Im guessing what Ill end up doing is a partial mash batch occasionally, and lot's of all grain small batches.

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