Monday, June 22, 2015

Update on the cream ale... tasting notes...

Update on the Cream ale we brewed 5/30/15...
If you're like me you always try a sample at bottling.   The wine glass (really a chalice) has a sample of the cream ale. I would say the color is spot on.   About a 4 SRM.  The aroma is very light hop,  it smells like beer.  This is not a hoppy style. This is lawn mower beer.   This is watching the game with beer muggles beer.   Initial taste impressions... wow!  The body is too thick for competition... but I love it.  The flavor has a definite corn flavor, but not like a DMS sweet creamed corn flavor, more like a pleasant corn flavor.   Time to force carb this and see how it really is... The body should lighten some.

Force carbonated the beer in 2, 2 liter bottles.  I do that a lot.  It is easy, reliable and lets me consume my beer immediately.   So the taste was balanced some by the carbonation, now it tastes even better.  The body is still there but it is balanced by the carbonation.  There is just a hint of hops.  SWMBO did not like it... "too thick and bitter" Cool I must be doing something right, cause if it doesn't have fruit or honey in it she doesn't like it.   Very low bitterness and hop aroma.   This beer is all about the combination of grains.   I think this beer would get dinged in the cream ale category, too much body.  It would probably do ok as a blonde... except for the corn.     The beer cleared beautifully.  That is the TV screen through the beer.  Ill keep working on my cream ales, but this one was very encouraging.

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