Saturday, June 27, 2015

Partial Mash Cream Ale Recipe for you all

Ok, I've gone a little overboard recently.  I currently have 28.5 gallons fermenting.   So what is the logical thing to do?  Brew more of course.

I promised I would post partial mash recipes here on line.  So here is a new version of Cool Gales Cream Ale.  The only major change is that I am using Irish Malting Company Stout Malt.  My understanding is that it is a version of 2 row Maris Otter. But I have to tell you the kernels are huge. The flavor is nutty and sweet.  I have been told that the yield is far higher too.  So here it is.  Probably brew it tomorrow, or maybe tonight.

4.5 # Irish Malting company stout malt.
2 # of Extra light DME
1 lb of flaked corn (not corn flakes, thanks for the question but No breakfast cereals)
.5 of Flaked rice (see above)
.5 oz of Cluster Hop
1 oz of Liberty Hop
US 05 yeast
1 tsp irish moss
1 tsp yeast nutrient.

Strike grains with 3 gal of water at 158.2 °F. Mash at 150 °F for 60 min. lift the basket and the bag and set on a grate above the kettle drain bag, gently squeeze add 2.25 gallons of 190 f water in which you have dissolved the dme.
Rinse the grain with approximately 2 gal sparge water at 168 °F. Stop when volume is 6.5 gallons Combined runnings gravity should be about 1.037 follow hop schedule.
add wurlfloc tablet at the 5m mark at the end of the boil you will have about 5.5 gallons of wort (maybe a little less) chill wort OG should be about 1.047 transfer wort to fermenting bucket 5.25 gallons pour wort into another bucket then back into fermenter to mix and aerate. Pitch US 05 rehydrated in 3/4 cup of 90F water. FERMENT at 63-65 for 14 days Transfer to bottling bucket, use finings (super kleer kc or brewers gelatin) bottle and let condition for 2 weeks If this is for competition etc...Cool Ferment for an additional 7 days if possible at or near 40F Consider finings. This beer should be brite.

Feel free to ask any questions, Ill answer if I can.

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