Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Zombie Dust... as an all grain teaching tool... Yup I said that...

Image result for crazy memeSome have called me crazy.  Some say I shouldn't cater to the whims of the voices in my head.  ("filthy nasty little hobitses").  To them who sling these arrows of misfortune, I say "fie".  Fie on ye and on yer clan.  I know some of my ideas are out there, and I know some of my ideas fly in the face of accepted home brewing cannon.   But, please before you start posting links to other websites, or quoting John Palmer (I'm sure John thinks this is funny by the way) take a minute and ask yourself, "what is the reason for my disdain, will this idea actually work? and have I ever tried it "

Image result for zombie dustHere is another idea that is a little off.   I teach guys to brew all grain with small batch super hoppy IPAs and AIPAs... I know I'm always preaching..."if you can't brew a perfect light ale, you need to work on your craft" but, for a guys first all grain experience,  I want them to choose a beer that will hide any flaws.  Cover any deficiencies.    And what beer is more perfect for that than Zombie Dust.  ZD is over the top.   It is by three Floyd's brewery in Munster, Indiana.  It is a bigger than most American IPA that is hopped 100% with Citra hops.  Simple mash bill, simple hop bill, lots of additions.  Perfect for training newbies on all grain. It's fun to add lots of hops, makes you feel like you are really brewing.

This should be a fun brewing weekend.  But tonight I finally bottle the Clan of the Kilt Scottish Ale.  And the old school lager, probably,  if it has dropped enough.  Ill be bottling up the apple ciders too.  One hopped, and one left as just a simple straightforward cider.

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