Friday, September 18, 2015

An awesome hop combination AIPA - By Grace and Banners Fallen -

I love hoppy beers, not necessarily bitter beers.  Hoppy.  If you love beer enough to be reading my blog.  You probably love them too.  I will let you know there is a series coming up featuring recipes designed to appeal to beer muggles.   This is NOT this series.   This is a post on an almost session-able American IPA.  This is a beer that is 66 IBUs but only 5.5% alcohol.  Is this the hoppiest beer in the world? it is not.  Not even close.  Is it amazingly hoppy and flavorful for it's alcohol content?  Yes. and yet somehow it manages to be balanced.  It is an excellent beer.  I
have worked on it for years and I have the blend and balance of the hops just right.

It is also because my brother in law is coming to town.  He is a dedicated hop head.   It is time for him to try a real homemade hob monster.  This beer is inspired by my two favorite DIPAs; Russian River's "Pliny the Elder", and Boulevard's "The Calling".  I stole elements from both, and it was awesome...

Here is my recipe: the names of my beers are inspired mostly by books I have read.  Because... well because I am a nerd.

By Grace and Banners Fallen  American IPA
2.25 gallons Ill ferment in an LBK.  Fermentation should be quick probably 21 days.  Then Ill cold crash and bottle.  The beer should be ready for when we celebrate my step moms birth day.

2.8 lb
 2-Row (US)
AnyMash372 °L
0.3 lb
 Biscuit (BE)
AnyMash3523 °L
0.2 lb
 Carapils (Dextrine Malt) (US)
AnyMash331 °L
0.2 lb
 Cane Sugar
AnyLate Boil460 °
0.4 ozWarrior (US)60 minBoilPellet16.0%
0.3 ozColumbus (US)5 minBoilPellet15.0%
0.3 ozCentennial (US)5 minBoilPellet10.5%
0.5 ozMosaic™ (US)0 minBoilPellet12.5%
0.3 ozCascade (US)0 minBoilPellet7.0%
0.5 ozMosaic™ (US)7 daysDry HopPellet12.5%
0.3 ozCentennial (US)7 daysDry HopPellet10.5%
0.3 ozSimcoe (US)7 daysDry HopPellet13.0%

I prepare my water.  If I'm using Tap water, I just use 1 teaspoon.   My municipal water is pretty ideal for brewing. I often add a teaspoon of Gypsum.

When brewing at my brew partner's home we have to use reverse osmosis water.  In that case we add Calcium Chloride and acidulated malt to almost ever batch.  And other minerals per style.

Dough in Low 129 F (54 C) The wort will fall to 125 F (51.6 C).  Hold it there for 5 Minutes, then begin a rise to 152 F (66.6 C).  When you get to 152 F (66.6), hold it there for 60 Minutes.  Then rise to 168 F (75.5 C) for 5 Minutes. Stir during Mash Out.

Pull the bag and squeeze till your volume is where you want it.  For me, on my stove top that is about 2.8 Gallons (10.52 Liters).  Then begin the boil and hop additions.  I do a 10 minute hop stand at flame out. I then set the grains on a colander over another pot.  They drip out enough for a check of extract gravity.

I use a hop bag. I use yeast nutrient and irish moss.

Chill this batch quickly.  I put the pot in a sink of ice water, and use my small 25' immersion chiller.  I am to pitching temperature in about 15 Minutes.

Aerate well.  I use an aquarium pump.  I do it for 20 minutes minimum.

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