Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quick Update

So this is one of those weekends.  I am probably not going to have time to brew this weekend.   We have extra hobbits in the home.  Some friends of ours are on a vacation and we are taking care of their kids.  One of whom is 7 Months old   I have obligations in our church drama.   You know the kind of weekend that is more work than relaxing.  So brewing may have to go in the back burner for

But, I am doing home brew related stuff...

Just checked the gravity of my Lager.  It is down to 1.018.  So it still has a ways to go, but it is delicious.   Probably needs another 10 -14 days.  But no buttery notes, no butterscotch.  It's going to be great.

Checked the broken beer.  You may remember months ago I screwed up a mash.   Well I added amylase 5 weeks ago.  It is ready for bottling.   It is a delicious golden ale.

Tried the 2 hearted ale.  Only been in the bottle a week.  Way too sweet.  Ill give it a week and try it again. (UPDATE the sweetness faded a lot over the next couple of days.  Had one Thursday night it was dang close to the original)

Tried the Miller the Muggle.  This beer is good.  You make a very light ale.  Then you add amylase to secondary and let a secondary fermentation occur.  The end result is a crisp dry "lager" like ale.  It is very good and very drinkable and only 4.3% alcohol

Tomorrow I'll be racking from one Mr. Beer to another so I can wash some 2112 yeast.

Some time this week Ill be making another batch of Miller the Muggle.  And next weekend Ill be making a 2112 Light Lager.   Trying to make lots of what you might call session beers.  Kinda tired of 8-10% DIPAs.

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