Friday, January 8, 2016

Counterbrew Challenge... Amazing Grand Prize...Multiple Winners...

So it is January.  A new year.   Last year I wrote 100 blog entries.  And I just reviewed many of them.  And after this soul searching, self reflective, journey of discovery, I can tell you now what I believe about home brew... not some pedantic, pedestrian  statement about home brew... like  "home brew rox!" or "home brew is totally bitchin".   But also not some altruistic crap about "home brew has a place for everyone" or "whatever your passion you'll find room for it in home brew..."  Nothing as trite as that... you can get that crap on any home brew forum.  because  home brew isn't for everyone, especially not for douche bags, hipster aholes, and other jerks.   They gots to go!

What I believe about home brew:
  • You can make fantastic beer at your home, with minimal equipment,  if you will learn some basic techniques.  
  • Your goal should be simplification of all things.  Simplification improves process, Simplification improves sanitation.  
  • The goal of home brew is to have fun while making excellent beer.  The method you use to make excellent beer doesn't mean squat.   
  • You are not more of a brewer if you do all grain,  you are not less of a brewer if you do extract. (by the way you're both wrong Partial Mash is probably the best method for 90% of home brewers) Disagree?  Then send me two identical beers made 3 months apart...
  • You are not better if you do 3 vessel eHerms than someone who does BIAB.  
  • BIAB is ALL GRAIN BREWING... quit saying "I BIAB now but I'm going to step up to all grain..."  As Will Rogers said,  "sometimes its better to keep your mouth closed...and let people think you're an idiot, rather than opening it and confirming it for them"
  • The best brewers are the guys who make the best beer consistently.  
    • What I know about the best brewers
      • They understand yeast and fermentation
      • They understand water chemistry
      • They understand hops
      • They work clean,  very, very clean.
      • The best brewers tend to keg their beer. 
  • There is nothing more important than sanitation.   
  • There is nothing more important than sanitation.
  • Fermentation temperature control is critical
  • Correct yeast pitch is critical...
  • Brewing is more than making freaking WORT... if you bought a "turbo brew 9500" before you could control fermentation temperatures... you missed the point.
Now on to the contest... Write down for me in the comment section what you believe is most important... just 3 or 4 items... the grand prize... a lifetime of great beer you made yourself.   

John and I are brewing Sunday... cant wait... it is a really simple grain bill and all citra and amarillo hops... should be awesome...

Our cream ale is damned near world class.  It was a little sweet, but the carbonation really helped it balance out.    Definitely making it again.  John nailed the recipe, some guys have the gift. 

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  1. Here are a few things I have learned from you that I have taken to heart (I have learned a lot but you have mentioned most above).
    1. Brewing is fun, you need to be having fun.
    2. Step one of home brewing, drink a home brew.
    3. Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer.
    4. If you don't like to clean, you don't like to brew.

    And many more....